Warren Farrell by Dragort

I’ve run into masses of annoying things lately (not annoying for most mind you, just annoying for the feminist minded).

Like why is it that almost every where I go females are an afterthought – I mean if they’re a thought at all, but walk into an artstore and pick up a book on nudes and suddenly males don’t exist? I mean I get four-hundred nude girls, to maybe one guy (if I’m lucky). It’s like suddenly we exist but, oh yeah, we’re naked. But that one doesn’t even matter. That one’s like a whatever in the scheme of annoying things.

The one that really takes the cake is the Ph.D. professor, Warren Farrell’s claims that men having power is a myth, in his book ingeniusly titled The Myth of Male Power. I didn’t have the $25 to buy it so I just wandered around the book store with it for a good 45 minutes, trying to read all the relevant bits without looking like I was so much. I fully intend to buy and read the book at some stage, preferably second-hand so that I don’t actually contribute to this guy’s wealth, or ego. From what I gathered the book starts out with the author saying how he used to lecture at women’s rights events, how women loved him/ his speeches, how he learnt to say what they “wanted to hear” (obviously all women like to hear lies, they don’t have the capacity for the truth). He goes on to let us know that he admires the Women’s movement, he realises that it has done remarkable things (stating here things that have only helped the betterment of both sexes, or of children, not of women alone) and then adds that he hopes that no one uses the book to undermine the Women’s movement he so admires (i.e. the one that betters both sexes).

And from there it seems to get worse. Farrell’s arguments seems to be based on the fact that men go to war, breast cancer gets more funding than prostate cancer and men kill themselves more than women. Jesus fucking Christ, where was little Warren Farrell standing when God handed out the brains? Ok, men go to war, not women (even if this was strictly true, which I’m telling you, it’s not) how is that an excuse to men’s powerlessness? Do women not get killed in war? Do they not get raped? Are they the ones that make the decision to start a war? Are they the ones who make the decision to end the war? Where is their power in the fact that men go to war?

Men kill themselves more than women, hmm, no surprise there. Women have far too many responsibilities to be given the luxury of killing themselves. My mum was suicidal two weeks ago but as she has four kids at home and three kids out, it wasn’t even an option. Men on the other hand, they walk out on their wives, they walk out on their kids, why shouldn’t they walk out on life? I’m not even being nasty here. You can take a responsibility or you can shirk it. Men shirk, and shirk and shirk, and shirk, and soon enough they’re alone with nothing to live for. I mean at one stage they were allowed to do that because women were prepared to take them on as a responsibility too. Women aren’t so willing now (they’re willing to put up with shitloads of crap but there’s a line now, mostly (ok, sometimes)). So, women have adapted and men are dying because they haven’t. Whatever, sort yourselves out, boys, we did/ are/ were.

And then there’s silly little Warren Farrell (who was standing behind the door when God handed out the brains) who goes on to say women (especially feminists) are afraid of admitting that men have no power because then they won’t have the right to claim “victim power” or “entitlement power”. I don’t really know what entitlement power is, so I’ll leave that one for smarter people. But victim power, yeah, I’ve got that one down pat. That’s the one where you FORCE your powerless male friend/ brother/ partner to walk to the shops to buy you chocolate, refusing to go yourself on the pretext of “I’m a girl, I could get raped”. Yeah, I like the power that comes with that. There’s a chance though, you know just a chance, that I’d give ALL that power up if I could just…well, say, walk the streets after dark without fear of rape. Be able to sit in my own home during the day and not have the doors all firmly locked. Be able to sit in a library by myself, studying for my archeology assignment, without having a guy sit beside me, masturbating. Be able to have a bed upon which my friend (female) had not been raped violently by a man with a knife. A bed that until recently had borne the blood stains of said friend even though she co-operated. Yes, we like our victim power, Warry. But how about this? Stop raping us, stop hitting us, give us jobs equal to yours and we’ll give up our victim power. Better still, let us rape YOU, let us hit YOU, let us give YOU jobs equal to ours and we’ll give YOU our victim power! Yes! We’ll give you ALL of it!! ALL of it!!

by Dragort


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