She is Risen by allecto

This poem is dedicated to Rebecca Mott because she inspired it. You are an Amazon, Rebecca. Don’t you forget it.

She is Risen

Sing to me, siren
Of the night
Let the melodies take you
Distant tunes in the dappled light

The faithless drifting
Whilst I am caught
In a song and her eddies
With the lost and once-owned.

And she rises
Shaken from the seaweed
Riding the cantankerous waves
Of these times

Singer of the mountains
Singer of the sea

Sing to us of morning
And the mourning
That has come.

Those faithless
Blinded still.

The moon still turns the tide.

She is risen.
She is risen.
And we remember her.

Sing to us now
Of the Amazon who was
Many memories
Fallen by the way

Bring them back to us
With sword in hand
And light of truth

Ease the stars
Back into the night
And wake me ‘fore the dawn.

She is the Warrior
The Storyteller
And the Muse

Walk with her
Into this darkness
And believe.

by allecto