About the Spinsters

I am a young radical feminist who lives in Australia. I am a long time writer who uses a variety of mediums such as poems, songs and short stories to express and elucidate our feminist ideas. As there are very few publishing outlets in the mainstream world for writing and other artistic forms of expression which refuse to conform to the bounds of the male intelligentsia, I decided to create this blog as a place where feminist women could send their work in order to be published.

I believe that creative expression is an integral part of the feminist process, through which we as women can share our thoughts, experiences, philosophies, ideas, emotions, dreams and sisterhood. We can expose the male world for what it is and create our own ways of Being and Becoming. We are the Spinners, the Weavers, the Websters and the Muses. We are the Fates, the Harpies and the Furies. In these pages, we reclaim ourSelves and our world.

In sisterhood,





5 Responses

  1. what a find!

  2. Love ya, spinning spinsters!

    In sisterhood,


  3. Thanks, Maggie 🙂

  4. What i great site this is…..

    Well Done

    in lesbian sisterhood


  5. awesome site- more power to you. . . to us!

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