My intention is that this blog will be based on a radical feminist philosophy. I will accept contributions from all radical women who seek to use their writing as a form of creative resistance, inspiring our liberation. We will accept all forms of writing: poetry, philosophy, theory, experimental, prose, short fiction etc. I will also be accepting artwork, links to music or videos, anything creatively feminist that we can stick on a blog. We publish at our discretion.

Send contributions to:; with subject heading Spinning Spinster, with a name or alias and link to your site or blog (if you have one). Please send your submission as an attachment. Word documents only for written pieces. Contact me if you wish to contribute in a different medium.

 Copyright remains with the author.


5 Responses

  1. My name is Eszter, and I live in Sweden, and i just wanted to say that i think you´re awesome.
    It´s really strong of you to start up a site like this and write down things you´ve experienced and other issues of the world.
    I, myself, have had the great misfortune to be used as a toilet by a man. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Eszter, thanks so much for your support. It means a lot to us that women are connecting here and finding a source of inspiration.

    I encourage you to write and express your feelings; creative expression is a really important way for women to find their strength and their voice.

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune with a man. Unfortunately, women are still second-class, we need to gain strength from each other and resist!

  3. Hey
    is it okay to submit something here and post in on my own blog as well?

  4. Hi Philomela, Yes, anything that you submit here, you can put up elsewhere too, on your own blog, or wherever. Sorry the reply has taken a while – we’ve had a technology breakdown and been without internet for a few days.

  5. What if a reader wants to suggest a link? Is it okay to make the suggestion here?

    The link below discusses the connection between colonialism and prostitution.

    Trask, in her book, *From a Native Daughter*, which includes the essay, “Lovely Hula Hands: Corporate Tourism and the Prostitution of Hawaiian Culture”, discusses the distinctive nature of the relationship between U.S. citizens–including minorities–and indigenous peoples of the Americas including islands like Hawai’i.

    In the volume, Trask cites that President Cleveland in 1893 admonished the Senate for overthrowing Queen Lili‘uokalani and President Cleveland made a case for amends and reparation.

    Think if someone stole something from you, then apologized for taking it but never returned it to you. Instead, s/he held onto it, reminded you of having apologized, and offered to consider creating a committe to discuss the possibility of returning your property to you.

    As persons who’ve grown up into positions of authority may realize, grassroots change is important; while some leaders are not to be followed–e.g., Stalin, Hitler, etc–others, however, e.g., President Cleveland on this point–make a legitimate point, and the people need to contain themselves in response.

    Radical feminism is “radical” in that radical feminists ask men, for instance, to place themselves in the physical positions of women in pornography–e.g., bound, gagged, sexually penetrated with weapons–and to see how that “feels” for him, them.

    Does he “like” it? Probably not.

    Would he “like it” if indigenous Hawaiians had traveled, for example, to Europe and had done the same to Europeans? Why not?

    Europeans prostituted to settler Hawaiians funneled from high school to hotel workers serving the sexual needs of Hawaiian men and women and world travelers “visiting?” while other Hawaiians “settled” to civilize the obviously uncivilized people (no S included)–think of the 100 years war for instance–while the land, resources–including genetic–were harvested for indigenous Hawaiian’s use? What if an imposed religious belief system justified the situation?

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